Where do you Decide to Post Which Kind of Content?

chris090413One question I receive quite often is this: “You create a lot of content. How do you know where to put each piece of content and why?” Up until fairly recently when I launched my brand new business magazine, my answer was a lot more cut and dry. But now that I’ve got several outlets for my content, the question definitely deserves revisiting. Plus, it gives me a chance to showcase ways you can use your various tools of the digital channel to build your own business out even more.

There Is Always An Intention and Goal

With everything I create, there’s an intention behind it that acts alongside the main “payload” of the piece. For instance, my goal with this piece for YOU is to educate you on ways to consider your use of content for your business efforts. MY goal is to also make you more aware of my new magazine, Owner magazine, because I know that when one is busy, people miss such announcements. So that’s the first rule. Have something for the person you intend to help with the content, and have something for yourself in mind.

Guide Them Where you Want Them To Interact With You

My blog, [chrisbrogan.com], exists for Google to absorb so that you can find it. It’s my real estate, my piece of property. My home base. And there is one strong intent with my blog: once you find me, I really really really want you to stick around, and by that, I mean, I want the opportunity to earn your attention. To that end, where I really want the interaction with you isn’t necessarily on the blog. It’s on my newsletter, which is quite different than my blog.

My blog is wonderful for what it does: get your eye. My newsletter is perfect for what I can BEST do for you: interact and connect and be helpful.

To this end, I write posts that you might find useful on my blog. I write newsletters directly to you that I feel you’ll identify with, want to implement, and might even want to discuss further. Thus, if you’re in your inbox, you can just hit reply, and type me out a little something. And magic of all magics, I’ll write back (most every time- I miss a few here and there).

Give Your BEST Stuff to the Inside Circle, and your JUICIEST stuff to the Winds

My newsletter is where my best work goes, bar none. It’s my favorite project. It’s where I put my most heart. My blog is where I put ideas like this one that I feel will be useful to you. Why? Because if you’ve given me access to your inbox, I’m trading you my BEST work there. If you’re reading my blog, and you like the idea, you might share it with others. That’s the heart of how I decide where material goes. Remember that your best customers/clients/community aren’t always your best sharers and vice versa. I have people who have purchased as many as THREE of my courses and haven’t tweeted or facebooked a soul about me. I think they think it’s better to keep my stuff a secret for competitive reasons.

And that’s how I decide. How do YOU decide? Where do you put your best work? And why?

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