Content Marketing

The term “content marketing” refers to creating information of value to a prospective buyer in the service of doing business. It’s a newish use of a term for something that’s existed in some form or another for a long while.

My friend, Brian Clark and I talk often about how this is old stuff done new again. It is, and it isn’t. Here’s the thing: if you’re using content for marketing, you’re playing a bit of a game. You’re saying, “I want to offer you this information of value, whether or not you ultimately buy what I’m selling, but I’m going through this effort because I want you to spend money with me. If not now, eventually. But also, I’m going to be as friendly and as non-pushy as I can be, and you’re going to have to opt to make the buy. Deal?” That’s what content marketing is saying, underneath it all, and if done with the right intentions.

If you want to learn more about this, it’s one of my strong suits. Here are some posts. There will be more on this page quite frequently.

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