Dave Nails It

My new top personal advisor, Dave Murphy, has nailed it perfectly in a comment to me based on my post about what I should cover here on [chrisbrogan.com]. I’m so thrilled, because it makes a great frame for so many more posts. Here’s the mash-up of two sentences he gave me:

You’re obviously not an expert, but you’re not letting that stop you.

And Dave is 100% right. Dave has found my true fame in all life so far. I act as an authority, but one willing to be put back on the tracks when my theories derail. There’s a beautiful word that describes my technique for most of this, and it came to me from Mia describing math theory to me once.

Cognitive Resonance.

It’s a learning strategy term that suggests that some people can put together something they don’t know much about by extrapolating frameworks out of things they do know.

(Dave will appreciate that phrasing, because he loves RoR, and that was a framework extrapolated to become a programming language.)

So, what I do most of the time in life is use Google’s knowledge delivery trick of “good enough” versus completely correct. You know what I mean? If you want to know the answer to something, Google often has the answer somewhere within the first ten responses. You rarely have to read more than a few words to get what they’re saying. “Good enough.” Right?

Thank you, Dave Murphy, for giving me an utterly brilliant framework upon which to hang most of what I plan to do over the next many weeks and months. You’ve hit it right on the head.

You’re obviously not an expert, but you’re not letting that stop you.

It’s the best quote ever.


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