Dear Car Dealerships – Stop Sucking

I’m on the hunt for a new car. Rather, I’ve pretty much made up my mind on what car I want, after a conversation with Kat that went something like this:

Me: I want a new Camaro.
Kat: So get a Camaro.
Me: People will say it’s a midlife crisis mobile.
Kat: The only people who say that are guys whose wife won’t let them have one.
Me: I should buy something grown-up like a Cadillac.
Kat: Why?
Kat: Go get a Camaro.

So, I go on the web. First, I have to say that the Kelley Blue Book site is pretty darned useful and good. Lots of people also recommend Beyond that? I ran into car dealership bad design hell. The moment you go to the local dealer page, things go haywire.

I’m looking around for new and slightly less new cars, and falling into quagmire content management systems that grind, choke, and sputter out. They all use 10-point-or-less font sizes (which is fine for me, but in thinking about 40+ buyers makes me wonder how they’re actually able to read the details). They aren’t especially dynamic.

And then what’s worst is that they don’t do a lot to try and get me into their store. That’s the worst part. Because if you’re spending money making a website, and you’re hoping I blow $40K on a car with you, wouldn’t you want to make it ridiculously easy for me to connect with your sellers?

Oh, and a quick free clue. Free of charge. LOTS of your buyers will be accessing your site via a mobile device. Make it REALLY easy for me to get what I need from the mobile web.

Wow. Web designers and marketing professionals: go pitch your local dealerships. I’m blown away by all the options you’ll have for sales, if you can top what they’ve got now.

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