Dear ESPN- You’re Doing it Wrong

empty stadium Thanks to a comment by @tdhurst, I saw this post on NPR by (who knows, because NPR’s blog doesn’t show authors) saying that ESPN has announced they don’t want their employees using Twitter for anything but ESPN-specific stuff.

That’s not how relationship-building goes in the social web. You can use your robot feeds to blurt out posts and showtimes and stuff, but if you want connectivity to people, engagement to your content, and a sense of participation on the social web, making people only talk about ESPN is a quick one-way ticket to “who cares?”

It’s two-way, ESPN. That means we talk with each other about non-work stuff, and that gets us interested in work stuff. Want some great samples?

@newmediajim – talks about his travels and life, and oh yeah, he makes NBC cool.
@scobleizer – works at Rackspace, but we don’t have to talk data centers all day.
@georgegsmithjr – works at Crocs, but I’ve never yet talked to him about a shoe, and yet, I support him.
@cbarger – talks about stuff other than General Motors
@ckieff – talks about stuff other than Ripple6
@jetblue – makes the occasional off-airline joke. (Morgan keeps it pretty JetBlue-y).

Look at your own vertical: @the_real_shaq is human and approachable. So are many of the other sports stars.

Please reconsider, ESPN. I hear your engagement levels crying out.

Photo credit luked

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