Don’t Be Chris Brogan

Not Chris Brogan

It’s too easy to compare yourself to me, positively or negatively. “Brogan posts two blogs a day and I can barely get one a week.” “You know who’s such a marketing ass? Chris Brogan. Hate that d-bag.” “Brogan does it right. Brogan’s doing it wrong.”

Don’t Be Chris Brogan

Don’t be anyone else. When I started, I didn’t look at any one person and say, “I think I’ll do what _____ is doing.” I said, “Where are they right now, stat wise? Where am I? Whoa, that’s a long way to go.”

Years later, I’m higher on the charts that most of my original targets, except Seth for uniques and Brian for RSS subscribers. I still can’t topple either of them in those regards. That’s okay. I don’t want to be Seth or Brian. I’m doing me (“tm & c” Do You Know Clarence).

Be You

And be you hard. You’re going to do so much more than me. You’re going to change your space. You’re going to make your industry nail it. Why try to be me. I’m going to falter at some point and you’ll have forgotten about comparisons. You should. Be you. It’s way more fun.

You hereby have permission and license to do it your own way. (You always did, but just in case, I grant it again.)

But… Take All You Want

Every idea I have here, and every idea I give you, feel free to run with it. If you’re copying my content, give me a link back. If you’re just implementing, own it. Make it work for you. That’s why I bother to write here. It’s for you.


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