Become a Dream Feeder

The Magazine Rack

Magazines are food for your dreams. I’m fairly sure you’ve never considered them that way, but let’s. If you are someone dreaming of becoming (or hanging out with) musicians, you pick up Rolling Stone and Spin. If you dream of having house parties with Gwyneth Paltrow and Drew Barrymore, you pick up People. IF you fancy yourself a modern business person, you pick up Success and FastCompany and all those.

So what does your blog do for people?

Become a Dream Feeder

I’m not suggesting that these magazines have no value. They all do. But the publisher knows that they exist to fulfill a certain level of dream feeding, as well. If you publish House magazine, you’re not building a sturdy how-to magazine, dedicated to showing off which nails are the current rage in framing. You show off a home with a gorgeous view of Sebago Lake and somewhere in the article, you mention the nails.

Likewise, it’s the duty of your blog to help fuel the dreams of the people you intend to serve. Not just provide them insights, I’m saying, but you owe them a full on relationship with their aspirations.

If you write a blog about writing, then surely give people articles about how to tighten up character development, but also write a post about how Joe Hill is slowly coming out from under the shadow of his famous father, Stephen King. If you’re writing a blog about gardening, then show off that amazing trick on how to start azaleas inside a vacuum cleaner (I have no idea), but also show off the 5 most magical gardens in existence in a huge photo spread.

We Hunger For Dreams On Our Ascent

Think about every pursuit you’ve undertaken. When you get interested in something, you turn to magazines and television shows or blogs or whatever is at hand to fuel you. Right? If you get into fitness, you might pick up Runner’s World or Women’s Health or Flex or whatever it is that appeals to you. You look at the pictures every bit as much as you read the articles. You wish you drove a fast car instead of a minivan? There’s a magazine for you.

The feeding of dreams is also the fueling of aspirations. Don’t take that lightly. We run on a good deal of external confidence-building on our ascent to success.

So, how will you make your blog into a dream feeder? Or do you do that already? What dreams do your readers have?

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