Interview with Waylon Lewis of Elephant Journal

I hadn’t really paid any attention to Elephant Journal until my girlfriend, Jacqueline Carly showed me the site one day. What immediately was interesting to me was the fact that they let you read three articles for free, and then push for a subscription thereafter. I thought, “now this is someone who is doing something interesting with content” and I also thought, “it’s really interesting that the number is 3, and I wonder why you get three articles, where sites usually make it all or nothing.”

This interview goes all over the place, but that’s because I really enjoyed talking with Waylon Lewis, the publisher and founder of Elephant Journal. Check it out. You’re bound to find a few eyebrow raises in here:

Can’t see the video? Click here.

You can see we had a lot of fun, but there’s also some business information to be had there. Dig in!

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