Encouraging Post Development and Links

seed Michael Calienes is smart. I’m learning how smart each day. First, he sends me a beer from a thousand or so miles away. Then, I see his Twitter avatar change to have a mug from the same bar (at the time of this writing).

Now, he’s written a post called We are Presence Engineers. The idea is that we’re using these tools to define a new kind of presence. This is powerful to me, because it’s something that Jeff Pulver has spoken about for quite some time that’s finally rattling into place in my brain.

What’s smart about Michael’s post is this: it’s really brief. It’s not what I wanted. It makes me want to write a post that fleshes out the thoughts a lot more. But of course, that means I’ll link to Michael’s post, because he posted about it first, so he’ll get inbound link traffic, and it’ll mean that my work is derivative, and it means that others will blog their take (if they get what Michael was going for, and dig the idea).

Planting the seed to a good blog post is sometimes better than writing the entire post.

Photo credit Noel Zia Lee

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