Experiment- 30 Days of Bing

Bing After meeting with my friend, Betsy Aoki, from Microsoft Bing, I had the inspiration to decide to go 30 days with using only Bing as my search engine. We all know who owns the market share, but that doesn’t mean there’s not room for improving the experience and the user interface and the way we all use search. To that end, I thought I’d go on a quick 30 day test to see what I come up with. (I’m not sponsored by Bing, unless they decide to send me a bag of money, and if so, I have a contact form with that option waiting for you.)

From where I am today, I’ll write a post about what comes up, what I like and don’t like, and where I think things can move forward with search in general. I don’t normally cover search here, but in light of my recent January sponsor, it’s on my mind.

I’ve gotta tell you, on day 1, there’s room to grow. Here’s what I see when I “bing” my own name:

I'm not Chris Brown

In the realm of people I don’t want to have come up when you search for me, Chris Brown’s pretty high up there (if you don’t know the backstory of his little problems in life, I’m not telling you. Just bing “Chris Brogan” and you can find all about Chris Brown).

That’s where we are 30 days out. Not that the thing is built to appease me, but if I can’t find me easily, and if Bing doesn’t think I’m relevant enough to come up for my own name search, I’m not there yet.

Cool part so far? Visual search. I think that’s got some legs.

Anyhow. Here’s Day 1. See you back in a month.

Oh, and Bing people: please fix my entry?

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