Facebook- Please at least PRETEND to Care

gun ads Call me a prude, but I find these ads offensive on Facebook. I have made zero indications that I think these kinds of games are interesting to me, and yet, I’m logging into Facebook and finding either hot chicks or guns as the ads I get to see. I’ve complained about this in the past, and not because I’m prudish. I love chicks and guns, but not necessarily as Facebook ads.

The question is: for a site that is acquiring 3/4 of a million new users A DAY, is this the kind of ads they want associated with the brand?

How long before we all migrate elsewhere? Maybe not, but maybe. Do you think McDonalds wants to see Mafia ads alongside their pages? I’m guessing not.

Call this a rant, OR call this something to think about: in the future, will we want to join open communities where this is what we get?

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