Facebook Announces Video Calling – Will it Be Enough?

Facebook Video Calling

Facebook just announced it’s new “Video Calling” feature, which is pretty much Skype inside of Facebook, where you can use video instead of text to do a live chat with someone in your circle of friends. It’s interesting, insofar as it brings live video back and forth to Facebook, but then again, it feels a hair like “too little too late” when you look at Google+ and their Hangout feature, which is 10 people on a call and a lot faster-feeling, from what I could tell.

I took the liberty of bugging Ze Frank, video artist and creative genius, and I asked him for his thoughts on Facebook video and the rise of live video in general. (Note: I did originally try to do this with John Jantsch, but my video turned out super lagged and I couldn’t use it. Sorry, John.)

If you can’t see the video, click here.

My Take – Not so Much

I’m already loving Google+ a lot more than I ever liked Facebook. The fact they added something that looks like GChat’s video feature to Facebook chat feels like catch up, and it feels like the wrong feature. 1-1 is covered by Skype, so why bother doing it again? This only means that my social network inside of FB can now be connected easily, but that’s not enough.

Google+ and Hangout can do 10 people, can do it better, and already feels a lot more slick.

I’m curious to know your take.

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