How to Fail Your Way Out of a Hole – or What Separates Me From Most People

Jacq and Chris Jacq and I work well together. She has this uncanny ability to point me towards interesting things that end up being passions of mine. She decides to get back into lifting weights, and then I rush out and get fanatical about it. She decides to work promoting Visalus, and then I go nuts. Jacq’s given me lots of ideas over the past few years. In talking about this, we both realized there something that separates me from lots of other people. I love to fail.

How to Fail Your Way Out of a Hole

I should probably rephrase that. I don’t love to fail. Who does? Last place? Yay! No, not me. But, I’m not afraid of failing. Not at all. I just learn from every experience, and do more with it. As part of this, I started realizing that there’s a few differences between what I do with all this learning and failing.

When I fail, I apologize where I need to apologize. I nod a few times at what happened. Then I move. I do something else. I go back through a cycle. What does that look like? I’ll show you.

How to Work Your Way Into Success

  • Be open to new interests. (This is pretty key. Lots of people get locked in, stuck.)
  • Seek insights and new perspectives (Part of learning anything new, but keep your mind extra open).
  • Immerse and seek massive depth (Get as much into the process as possible. Learn everything. Do everything. Thrive within it).
  • Reflect and grow (If you’re not learning and reflecting on what you’ve learned, you’re probably not going to win).
  • Extrapolate (Take what you’ve learned here and try applying it to other processes and concepts. Make your learning serve two ways).
  • Execute (DO something!) <-- this is where most people fall down. Read a book, then read another. No. Read, then DO!
  • Educate others and gain a little authority (Once you learn something, show it to others. Teach. Share. Expound).
  • Start over at the top frequently. Repeat this cycle. Frequently.

That’s the framework. That’s how I fail my way out of many holes, over and over.

Should I learn it right the first time? Who knows? Half of what I’ve done over the years is something I came up with. *I* was the first time. And the other times, I just didn’t like what people had already done with it.

A Great Example of This

If you missed my Get on the Path webinar the other day, you missed a chance to see even more of this kind of stuff in action. There’s a full action-packed hour of ideas on how to help you grow your business. A LOT of what I shared there came from learning that I acquired from the process listed above. Give it a peek.

And in any case, start failing. It’s time. The more you can learn, the more you can grow, the more you can execute that framework, the more success you’ll find. Promise.

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