Smell the Sizzling Fajita


Over at Kitchen Table Companies, I was talking about how in my brief stint in the restaurant world, we used to have this phenomenon where if someone ordered a fajita, the kitchen staff would rush to throw on chicken and steak in preparation for the onslaught of fajita orders we’d receive thereafter. Why? Because the fajitas, when served, would come through sizzling and smelling amazing and everyone in the restaurant would stop what they were doing to see them travel. If you were there and hadn’t ordered, you’d almost definitely order a fajita.

There’s No Fajita Effect Online

When I buy something online, partly due to privacy reasons, there’s no fajita effect. No one sees that I just bought the Rockabye Baby renditions of Weezer mp3s (amazon affiliate link). In fact, I get that kind of, “If you bought this, you might also want this” kind of thing, but that’s it.

If someone buys Kitchen Table Companies, no one knows besides the buyer. There’s no fajita effect.

So, What Would Work?

What if we added a “tweet your purchase” or “like your purchase” checkbox to the sale? Would that at least give one’s social network a hint of that fajita sizzle and aroma?

And if not that, what would you do to make sure that fajita effect happens?

Interesting to consider, isn’t it?

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