Free eBook- Fish Where the Fish Are

Click here for my free ebook I wrote this free ebook after I presented to the BtoB Magazine breakfast group last week, and I felt like my presentation didn’t tie directly enough to what they’d come to learn. I wanted to offer more than my nine minutes of time allowed for, so I decided to write this ebook to give away to the people who came to that presentation.

You know me. I love to share. So, I’m offering it up to you as well. Here’s an ebook meant to get your mind started on how social media ties to the more traditional buying cycle. These are some thoughts I’d put together immediately after my presentation, fleshed out, lined up, and with some takeaways that you can use to dig in once you feel comfortable.

Hope it’s helpful.

Fish Where the Fish Are- Mapping Social Media to the Buying Cycle (a PDF file).

If you didn’t catch it already, here’s my free ebook on personal branding.

Feel free to share liberally, and enjoy.

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