Five Levels of Social Conversation

billcammackandchrisFriend, deep thinker, and prolific email friend, Bill Cammack and I were talking about how people use things like Seesmic and other media to make conversations. I told him my theory that I like to believe there are five general categories of conversation out there. Bill asked me if I’d blogged about it, so here it is.

Five Levels of Social Conversation

I believe there are roughly five levels at which we communicate on tools like Seesmic or Utterz or Twitter (to a lesser extent):

  1. My Dog Has Fleas – baseline social conversation. No different than what would be said in line at a grocery store, and not usually that interesting.
  2. Let’s Talk About X – conversation, but hit or miss on real insight.
  3. Hacks and Energy – lots of good stuff, still a little hit or miss, but with more engaged/engaging types. (Not sure why I call it hacks, but I mean when you suddenly get into a bit of fast energy flow).
  4. Production – people who understand the medium and are “making” something, but who aren’t into conversation, per se. (like Internet TV shows.)
  5. Serious and Deep – rarest of the rare.

Most of my conversations probably fall into 2 and 3. Sometimes I produce something, too, but not so often. Am I serious and deep on the web? Not usually in video.

What do you think? Am I missing anything? Is this silly?

Thanks for the email, Bill. I’ll reply on that a little later.

Photo credit, Bill Cammack.

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