What Gets Packed Into a $97 Presentation?

When anyone puts out a product, pricing is important. It matters to understand what goes into the product, what kind of value people can expect to come out of it, and what is reasonable for the marketplace at hand.

S. Anthony Iannarino and I have a webjam event coming up called Finding Your Superpower of Flight, about how one acquires their own permission to succeed, and about how one makes disciplined steps to get from the results they’re experiencing now into where they’re headed next. The goal is to help others achieve some level of success similar to what we’ve both accomplished. Not to be us, or to do what we’ve done, but instead, we’re showing how one can take actions in their own life to grow their capabilities and personal bravery.

But what goes into a presentation like this? What do Anthony and I have to do to make sure we’ve earned every dollar of the $97 we are charging for this experience?

What Goes Into a WebJam Like This One

You can expect a lot of stories and examples from our own experience, so that you can see how we dealt with our own challenges. That’s first and foremost. We’ll tell you recipe steps, including the ingredients that bring about these kinds of results, preparation instructions to help you do something with what you’ve discovered, and cook times, to give you a sense of how long this might all take.

We’ve got the live video (which WILL be recorded). We’ll be doing a standalone separate audio presentation that goes with this presentation (but that isn’t just the audio from the video you saw), and we’re making a work booklet for you to use to plot your own course.

But more than any of that, we’ll give you a sense of what it might take to get from where you are to where you’re going, and we’ll give you both steps to do that, the courage to grant yourself permission, and the support of a community of people who are all facing similar challenges.

If you’re not sure, or if you want to see some of how Anthony and I interact with each other, we’ve started recording our chat sessions about this or that. Here’s one from earlier today about branding and what that means for one’s own super powers.

Can’t see the video? Click Here.

Ultimately, You Decide if It’s Worth Your Money and Time

The best salesperson in the world can’t “trick” you into buy. You have to want to take the next action. If you think this is interesting and if you believe that Anthony and I have something to offer on the subject of building your confidence, improving your discipline, and taking control of your own permission to achieve your goals, then you’ll come to Finding Your Super Power of Flight. And if not, because this isn’t for everyone, you’ll stick with us and see what else we might do that’s interesting.

Either way, it’s a win.

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