Calling All Freaks

Freaks Book Cover Many books don’t come with a soundtrack, unless they’re eventually made into a movie. With my new book, The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth, there’s most definitely a theme song. It doesn’t have to be your theme song. That’s the best part about being a freak, a weirdo, a misfit, a world dominator. You can be whatever you choose. That’s part of it. But, here’s a song for the freaks.

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We Have a Hashtag

If you want to talk with other freaks before and after the publication of the book, use the hashtag #proudfreak. Now, we’re not the only ones using it, evidently, but I suspect a lot of the traffic after the fact will be the folks talking about the book.

Books are a Gathering Place

The biggest win I could have with the Freaks book is that it’s only the start of something. The real goal is to connect you together, to build the collection of freaks, to grow the monchu, and to help others find their success.

Books can be this. They can be the gathering place before the experience really gets going. I will be publishing the audiobook version. There’s even more there. I’m going to patrol the hashtag. I gave people my email address in the book. But that’s just me. You can be your own freak leader. You can inherit the earth and help others inherit theirs.

Play Your Anthems Loud

If you ever felt you didn’t belong, now’s your time. The world is being run by people who don’t belong. And by “the world,” I only mean the parts that matter to you. I’m not here to cure oppression. I’m here to show you that we’re living between the cracks. I’m here to show you that if you don’t want to be a cubicle farmer, you don’t have to be.

Reading Material for Freaks

Lots of great writing exists for freaks. Some of the more obvious works?

Ender’s Game. Forget the movie. This is how to think differently.

Escape from Cubicle Nation. A classic. A must.

The Icarus Deception – One of my favorite Seth Godin books, and that’s saying a lot. :)

Everything I Know – if you know Paul Jarvis, he’s a freak. No really.

Everything that Remains. If you’re not following the Minimalists, you need to rectify that.

Choose Yourself. Not only is James Altucher quoted and interviewed frequently in relationship to this book, he’s one of the most successful freaks I know.

The Art of Non-Conformity – Chris Guillebeau’s World Domination Summit is why the third type of freak listed on the subtitle of the book says what it does. This book is one of his best on the subject. (Suggested by RJ Diaz of Industry Portage, who is featured in the book!)

Unlabel. Learn to be a freak from one who has made over a billion dollars from being himself.

I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This. Still have to work for the man? Kate White’s brilliant. She’s a ninja of what to know.

The In Between. Not sure anyone’s ever called Jeff Goins a freak. He is. Best of ways.

The Go-Giver – Bob Burg and John David Mann have just the parable for you. This book is world renowned for a reason.

We Are All Weird – Seth Godin gets two spots. This book is a must, a simple volume worth talking about.

Die Empty. I told Todd Henry I hated the title to this book. Like a lot of things in life, Todd is right and I’m wrong. I love Todd Henry. I kind of stalk him.

I’ll add to this section. I’m missing some things. I wrote this while sleepy, so it can happen. Is your book the best thing a freak should read? Tell me in the comments (without links, so my spam filter doesn’t eat you).

Consider preordering my book?

I would love it if you’d consider preordering my book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble or 800CEORead, or your local store of choice.

And remember, for a limited time, if you buy 300 copies, I’ll waive my speaking fees and come speak to your own little group of freaks. Just fill out the little form and talk with Ron and we’ll make that happen.

Calling all freaks!

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