You’re Not Freaky Enough

Steve Gadling Jacq was watching a rerun of Shark Tank last night with her mom and she came across Steve Gadling, who pitched his business to the Shark Tank. What was he doing? Drawing cats. Not very well, mind you. And just with paper and a Sharpie. And he wanted ten thousand dollars. Part of his pitch was a little dance, and a “song.” Watch this video:

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Mark Cuban Paid This Man $25,000 for 33% of His Business

The cat drawings retail for $9.95. The profit from each one was over $9, even with mailing and materials. According to Gadling’s site, this business made $171,418.60 in gross sales. It’s not like you can quit on that, but is that more than you’ve ever made for drawing stick figure cats and mailing them to people? I’m going with “yes.”

Mark Cuban DREW Some Cats for This Man

You can see an example of Cuban’s work here. He’s not much better. He doesn’t have to be.

Calling All Freaks

You do NOT have to be the most amazing business person in the world. You DO need to have a relatively unique idea, or a unique delivery of a simple idea, or something that connects you to people who see the world in the same weird way as you. You have to be daring. You have to be willing to look a little stupid. Because in that, you’ll be memorable. You’ll be someone different than everyone else. And you’ll be the kind of person that draws attention, that finds an audience, that has something worth connecting about.

Stop worrying that you don’t fit in. Worry that you don’t stand out.

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