Free Interns and 22K Price Tags

I just deleted my request for a free intern, but not because of the great comments. My contact form got flooded by wonderful people offering their time. For that, I’m grateful. I’ve selected a few people and will proceed.

Now, to the other comments/concerns/accusations.

1.) 94 people responded they were interested. Know why? Because they thought it’d be an interesting project that they were into doing, and because they thought it might show them another aspect of what I’m doing.

2.) Free because it’s more of a quick little thing, not because I can’t pay. I guess I could price it out. It’s mostly something that I think will turn into a public project. I was offering my ideas and insights on what we (the interns and I) will do with the info, and then it will open up to others.

3.) Get over the 22K price tag. It’s amazing what this has brought out of people. I’m seeing a lot about you from how the negative folks responded. I have lots of other price tags, too. 10K-30K for a whole month of New Marketing Labs time. See that? You can get plenty more value if you buy my team instead of just a day of me. I could do this all day. It’s what I’ve chosen to charge, not what you have to pay. Pay what you want. It’s called a marketplace. It’s part of MARKETing. Right?

Years and years and years of free stuff shared all the time and folks get a bit worked up over rates. How do you think I afford to do what I do? How do you think I can afford to flit around and visit everyone face to face and spend time at free and inexpensive events, and why do you think I travel away from my family so often? I earn my living. I earn every hour of it. Begrudge me that and I don’t really know what to say.

My last post on price for at least March. : )

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