From the Blog Topics Community

Every Monday I send out Blog Topics: a collection of writing advice and blog ideas for people to write from and explore. We have a strong community of writers hoping to build businesses with their blogs, or sometimes just hoping to improve engagement and attract more readers. It’s one of my favorite projects I’ve ever launched.

Here are some posts from people in the Blog Topics community:

Never Lose Sight of Your Dreams

My Best Advice About Parent/Teacher Personality Conflicts

How I Find Time To Make Media

When I Win the Lotto

Why Being a Photographer is Like Being a Jazz Musician

Beware of “Group think”

Who Encourages The Encourager?

Twitter in thw Front Porch of the 1960’s!

Thinking Back About Freshbooks

You Should Check Out Those Blogs AND Join Topics

The biggest worry people had was that these topics would spawn hundreds of Chris Brogan clones. Do these people seem like they’re writing the same post? I think not.

If you’re interested, consider joining Blog Topics today. The next post goes out Monday.

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