From the Rockstars

rockstar There’s a reason I asked you to share your blog and podcast info with me. You know that, right? It’s because YOU are smarter than me in sum. All of your sites are doing something interesting that I’m not doing over here. So, in that vein, a random assortment of folks found on our (your!) Rockstars page.

From Confessions of an eBiz JunkieFacebook ads and brand loyalty.

From C.C. ChapmanPodCamp does not have to be free.

From TrafCom NewsDo You Really Need Those Slides?.

From Rick MahnMore Thoughts on Information Privacy.

From Woolgathering(a daily sketch blog)- Detail on a door.

From Blonde 2.0Introducing OpenSocial.

My point with all this? It’s great that you’re here. Thanks for being part of the community. Thanks for being rockstars!

Photo credit, fools wisdom

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