The Front Shop and the Back Room

Storefront If you look at, it’s built for conversion. There are my courses for sale, other projects, and then some of the free resources (which are also built to convert you). This is the front shop. This is where people stop by. They get here via Google (The #1 search term lately for people finding this site is “Chris.” Talk about people not being especially picky with their time.” It’s up to me to help them understand the better story so they can choose what to do next.

But that’s the “front shop,” where anyone can browse. Once people get my newsletter, they’ve been invited to the “back room,” where you don’t necessarily have to buy, but where the stories are better, the information is a bit more free-flowing, and the opportunities to connect with others is better still. That big difference, between the front shop and the back room, is a missing element for lots of folks.

The Front Shop and the Back Room of Your Business

Lots of people these days are considering content marketing. Should I have a blog? (Yes) Should I start a podcast? (If you make it interesting.) Should I do YouTube? (Absolutely!) But they create all kinds of media that they’re not sure where to point it and what to do with it. My stance on this has been relatively the same for years: build your primary site for conversion, create useful media that guides people ultimately to that conversion, and talk about that media on the social channels, where you might also choose to engage and interact. (This, by the way, is the summary of Digital Business Mastery.)

When it comes to your newsletter, however, I’m quite a fan of making that your “back room,” a place where people are invited in for “something more.” It’s not the shop. And it’s definitely not the “leftovers” that most people seem to serve up in their newsletters. My newsletter brings me 70% of my company’s revenue, but I get that through offering love. Lots and lots of love. Not to EVERYONE, but to people who resonate with me and who understand that path I’m working to explain. When I send you MY newsletter, it’s the back room, the best of what I do.

Because that ends up creating love. And love is where things get better every time. Right?

Oh, and I cover that in Love Letters, if you were curious.

How’s your front shop and back room set up right now? Working for you?

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