Fun Race!

I ran the JPMorganChase Corporate Challenge here in Boston tonight. It was 3.5 miles, with 12,000 or more runners I think I heard someone say. It was a MOB. My company had a dozen or so people running in the event. Man, what a time.

For one, this was a first race in front of several colleagues. Most of them were somewhat skeptical, but still generally supportive. For two, I had a little problem on the way down. We got stuck in really bad traffic, and I ended up having to use my Nalgene bottle in the reverse, right in the middle of a Suburban, with six people, with a female coworker I barely knew not four feet from me while I did my deed. Oh dear. But though I was embarrassed, I generally had a feeling of, “Yeah whatever. It was this or piss my pants.”

I finished in 38.35, which was decent, considering that a great deal of this race is dodging people in various stages of walking or otherwise. I didn’t follow my Run 4/Walk 1 as closely as I should’ve, but it was just too euphoric for the first mile or so. By 3/4 through, I felt like I could’ve used a little of that early on conservation, but whatever.

We had beers and food at Brandy Pete’s, a few buildings down from my Mom’s office, and that was nice. Our CFO ran (she’s a triathlete, etc), and our CEO showed up briefly for refreshments. And then, it was a long ride north to the tiptop of the state.

But yes, race 2 has now come and gone, and I’m still without injury, still enjoying it, and anxious to get out and train some more.


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