Gatekeepers vs Gatejumpers

jumper In writing Trust Agents, my book with Julien Smith, we’ve started to realize six major traits that define a trust agent. Part of what we’ve noticed through researching the concept is that trust agents quite often make their own game. What do we mean? Consider traditional mainstream businesses. They are the gatekeepers of what we consider the standard, the typical, the recognized. It’s really easy to look at this when you consider various media properties and their online upstart counterparts. To that end, I’m going to start a list, and I was hoping you’d be inspired to add your thoughts and ideas to it. Maybe I’ll even go back and edit your ideas from the comments into the main post.

Gatekeepers vs. Gatejumpers

Gatekeeper: Consumer Reports
Gatejumper: The Consumerist
source: Paul Gillin

Gatekeeper: People Magazine
Gatejumper: Perez Hilton
source: Meg Fowler

Gatekeeper: New York Times Politics
Gatejumper: Huffington Post

Gatekeeper: Popular Mechanics
Gatejumper: MAKE Magazine

Gatekeeper: Telco Networks
Gatejumper: Apple iPhone (for now: Google Android soon)

Gatekeeper: The Yellow Pages
Gatejumper: Craigslist

Gatekeeper: NBC, ABC, CBS
Gatejumper: YouTube or Blip.TV

GateKeeper: Encyclopedia Britannica
GateJumper: Wikipedia
Source, GeekMommy

GateKeeper: Mapquest
GateJumper: Google Earth/Google Maps
Source, G. Wayne Clayton

Gatekeeper – The Music Industry (Geffen, Atlantic, Sony)
Gatejumper – Digital Technology (Napster, Bittorrent, MySPace)
Source, Sean Bohan

Gatekeeper – NBC Television [editor’s note: I’d say Saturday Night Live vs…]
Gatejumper – Ask A Ninja, Tiki Bar, TV, French Maid TV
Source, Sean Bohan

Gatekeeper: Mc Graw Hill
Gatejumper: Createspace (on-demand publishing)
Source, Troy Malone

Gatekeeper: BBC News, CNN News
Gatejumper: Digg, Mixx, Reddit
Source, Hayk Hakobyan

Gatekeeper: Traditional Music Industry
Gatejumper: Sell A Band
Source, Rohan Thomas

Who else do YOU want to add?

Photo credit, mylerdude

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