Geopocketing- When Twitter Gets Cool Again

spinal planet I saw a missing cat poster at my local grocery store. Upon looking at it for a while, I thought about tweeting a picture of the missing animal. And then I realized just how useless that would be. 100,000 people would get the tweet and think, “I don’t live anywhere near you,” and that’d be the end of that data.

This got me thinking: if I could “pocket” my data, restrict certain tweets to certain geographies on the OUTBOUND side of Twitter, then that’d be neat. I mean, most smartphone apps of Twitter have my location. What if they could say to the API, “Only send this to people within 25 miles of this location?”

Then, at CES, I could opt for “geopocketed” tweets, so that you don’t get bored to death about hearing where I am, who I’m meeting up with, etc, but then I can tweet to the “unlocal” people the “news” that I find. See where I’m going?

What if we had a way to geo-restrict our OUTGOING tweets for certain uses?

Photo credit heiwa4126

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