Get Into Trust Agents Ahead of Time

Trust Agents Fan Page

As you know, I recently deleted my Facebook fan page. It just didn’t feel right. I didn’t want a page dedicated to me. But the book I wrote with Julien Smith? That’s another matter.

You are invited to join the Trust Agents Fan Page, where we will have discussions about the book, post about upcoming events like book signings and secret tweetups and flash events, and share photos and videos with each other, not about the book, but about what the book’s themes mean to you.

This page is for the Facebook-friendly folks of the world. Don’t forget we also have an official Trust Agents web page that points out where to preorder the book and other stuff.

Experimenting with Book Marketing

As this is our first mainstream book, both Julien and I are approaching this like a grand experiment. Our publisher, Wiley, has their own plans about how to promote and market our book. Julien and I are taking a lot of different routes. Inspired by new media authors like J.C. Hutchins and Scott Sigler, and with friendly advice from David Meerman Scott and others, you’ll get to see some of our experiments here as we hatch them.

The benefit to you, of course, is that we’ll be able to report openly about what works and what doesn’t in our marketing efforts, and we’ll be able to learn together what to do better for next time. You get all this information for your own purposes just by hanging out. Fair?

So, swing by the Trust Agents Fan Page and feel free to give us your opinion of what else makes a fan page work or not work. It’s all part of the experience for us.

And thanks.

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