Get More From My Posts

pez Stuck for blog topics? You might not know this, but I love to share. I’m a big fan of it. In fact, all the text on the site is released under Creative Commons license. (The pictures often belong to other people, like the one to the right, and I don’t have rights to them. But MY stuff? You can use it, provided you follow the rules listed here. (It’s pretty easy to see where the dividing line is.)

I want you to share. I want you to take my posts and use them as part of your other work, to build on, to add to, to remix in other useful ways.

The only thing I want back is that you credit me for my work, with a link back to [] at the least, and if you can, to the specific post. That’s how it works.

So, feel free to search through and find things you want to use as source material. How about some of these?

And all you have to do is link back. Easy cheesy, eh?

So, swing by [], look at the tag cloud to the right, and see if you can’t scare up the kinds of posts you want to run with on your own blogs. That’s what it’s there for: for you to learn from, for you to share, and for you to expand upon.

Happy sharing! : )

Photo credit, Okaggy

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