Get Your Google Profile Tidied Up

Google Profile Earlier, I Googled the local gyms in my town. I found the place I wanted, and just before I made the phone call, I realized that Google had something that said “write a review.” I did, and immediately after submitting it, there was suddenly a little review, with a “” prominently displayed beside it. When I clicked the link, it went to my Google Profile. Whoa, I thought. Matrix “whoa.” Because, hey, that’s like, free advertising. Non?

You can find your profile here

But I tell you what: I’d get that profile really pretty, and I’d start thinking strategically about which Google results you might want to seed with your own perspective. Now, this might only work on Google “Local” searches, which is what I did, but hey. If that’s a starting point, it might roll out everywhere. And if that’s the case, again, allow me to “whoa.” Because that means my contact info and bio is on every review that someone *might* see every time they Google.

I’ll take some, thanks.

What say you?

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