Google Wave- My First Feelings

I’m not yet smart enough to talk about Google Wave. I saw Gina Trapani talk about it at Web 2.0 and she called it the new cool document collaboration tool. That was useful, because I called it IM-but-more-annoying, so I guess I had it wrong. Then Scoble called it an infinite strip of paper. That made sense, too. I heard from Greg Cangialosi that he and Christopher S. Penn talked about it being much bigger, but that these are early days.

Julien and I are working on our new book. We decided to dare to try Wave to write the starting parts, like the outline and the big premises. So far, it’s even easier to use as a collaboration tool than Google Docs. But I’m still not there yet.

I found this video on Gizmodo. It’s a Wave preview with Pulp Fiction as the overdub. The language is not safe for work. It’s funny as hell, though. And actually, it taught me something.

Your thoughts on Wave?

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