How to Blog With Google Plus

I have two ideas for how you can “blog” (sort of) with Google+ . The first is this:

Blogging with Google+

I started with some text and a video uploaded, and then I rushed in and commented in a few links to subsequent YouTube videos. Then, with that done, I had basically fashioned a “bundle” of content (Hat tip, @Kosso, for the same term I was thinking).

Blogging With Google+

First, I don’t think Google+ replaces blogs yet. Not sure that it ever will. But that’s not the question. The question was whether I could multi-media up a post, because right now, the methodology is you can write text and then include one of the following:

  • Link to a URL
  • Photo
  • Video

But not any combo of the three.

So, here’s what I did.

  1. Start a new stream post, and upload video (to be the starting point of the story). Click publish.
  2. Comment immediately (as fast as I can) and add links or text or whatever else.
  3. Voila – a bundle/blog post.

Version 2 of Blogging with Google+

Another way this could be done and encourage collaboration would be to do the following:

  1. Pick a post-type (again, I’d probably start with video), and just write up your text, upload your video and publish.
  2. Create another full post-type and add the next element. This is where you could do a collaboration, because if you asked people all to create a post on their account and then have them message you the links to those posts (every post in G+ has a unique URL), then that’s a fun collaboration.
  3. Start a NEW post, and top that with something (video!), and then in the comments below, link up all the G+ posts people had made in the comments section.

Inelegant, easy to make mistakes, and likely to be confusing for most, I admit. But it’s a start. Mind you, I had to copy/paste REALLY quick, and even then, Shel Holtz showed up and dropped in a random comment pretty quickly. (No worries, Shel. If not you, than someone).

One Way to Hack Even That

You COULD post this at first to just yourself, then you’d have all the editing time in the world. Then, you could edit who you’ve shared the post with, and poof – I’ve invented “drafts.”

Only, I just tested it out and it didn’t work. You can’t edit SHARING, it turns out, so I’m left without a way to make it work. Do YOU have any ideas?

What do you think?

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