Google Plus For Business – The Book

Is your business ready for Google+? Are you preparing yourself for more sales?

The last thing you want is to learn about another social network. You’re already working hard to understand how to drive business from Twitter and Facebook and all the other places you’ve been told to spend some time. How will Google+ change things? Should you even bother yet? What’s going to make a difference for your business?

Google+ is a game-changing social network insofar as it will tie together several disparate Google products that all serve businesses such that your efforts to learn the platform now will deliver strong rewards later. Google, the #1 search engine in the world, already ranks your public posts on Google+ quite highly in search results. As nearly 70% of people start the search for your business via Google, why wouldn’t you want to further influence people’s search efforts?

This book helps you learn what steps to take in planning out how to use Google+ for your business. This isn’t a “how to use the technology” book. It’s a “how to do business using these tools and this landscape” book. The difference is that you’ll learn how to deliver business value, not how to set up an avatar and a pithy quote.

Jump in now and prepare your business today.

Google+ Book

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