Great Ideas From the Blog Topics Community

If you’ve been interested in checking out my Blog Topics project, but weren’t sure what you were going to get, today’s the day you get to see what matters most: some of the results of the bloggers using the topics as springboards for their ideas. Here are some of the blog posts that were inspired by their experiences in the Blog Topics community:

20 Simple Ways You Can Be Happy, Healthy & Wealthy in 2011 – and thanks for the mention. Very kind of you. : )

Customer Service: Book Giveaway – Simon says, Completely inspired by your idea of writing a blog post that highlights someone else instead of just talking about my own stuff and what I am doing. Decided to turn it into a competition to make it more fun but the idea was to promote Peter’s book.

Introducing Fundraising Kick: Sometimes it’s all you need! – this takes TWO ideas from the email newsletter into one post. Nice work!

Eight Changes I Made to Improve My WordPress Blog – Peg, who inspired several ideas in the community so far.

How Do I Plan My Future When My Past Is So Lousy? – best title, eh?

Seven Ways to Build your Follow List via Twitter – ah, numbers AND Twitter. We have a winner.

How to Create a Rock Solid Social Media Strategy for 2011 – timely, too.

Our Miracle Son… A Purpose For My Second Life – Emma wins for bringing a tear to my eye, on top of it all.

See How It’s All Different and Unique?

Everyone approaches their blog topics and writing advice differently. They make it their own in very fascinating and interesting ways. I am so honored to be able to share with you the work of some of the 250 people currently signed up for Blog Topics, and I hope to share even more with you in the coming weeks, as they complete new assignments. I hope you find some new favorite blogs to discover in the process, as well.

Blog Topics

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