Great Presentations

PodCamp Pittsburgh is tomorrow. I thought I’d gather up some great presentations for a presentation I’m doing myself, on the topic of, uh, presentations. Here are a few that I know about that I thought I’d share. Do YOU know where some links to amazing presentations are? Share with me.

Steve Jobs delivering an Apple Keynote:

Dick Hardt from Sxip uses Powerpoint like a ninja here in his Identity 2.0 bit. (I never get tired of this presentation).

Shift Happens

Did you Know 2.0 from Xplane

Ze Frank at TED

My Main Points

Powerpoint is a tool, not a requirement.
YOU are the presentation.
Lead with something that engages and builds allies.
Assume everyone is smart.
Practice. Check your language skills. Practice more. (Kill your ums).
Deliver value.
If you use a slide deck: big pictures, few words. PowerPoint is NOT MS Word.
Empower instead of preach.
Give your ideas handles.
Leave them feeling good. Or moved. Or both.

Great Presentation Resources

Presentation Zen – great blog, and now a great book by Garr Reynolds: Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery (Voices That Matter).

Great Presentations Mean Business by Laura Fitton.

My Best Presentation Tricks by Chris Brogan (oh yeah, me!)

***Update: Seth Godin has an entire collection of videos that he found moving and motivating. (Seth’s a great presenter himself. I have to see him live some day soon.)

Your Turn

What other great resources or videos should I show a class of people looking to learn how to present better?

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