How Do You Grow Your Business?

Grow Your Business What we do mostly at Owner Media Group is provide solutions and guidance to help people grow their business in some form or fashion. Its a mix of professional, personal, and business development all mooshed together nicely into one package. When I ask people what kind of help they need, however, it’s interesting to hear where everyone is along the path. The solutions we’ve created, as it turns out, help out along a particular curve that wasn’t immediately obvious when we started.

How Do You Grow Your Business? – Starting Out

Before I get started, if you want our super secret Back to School code that turns any of these costs into 50% off, email me: chris @ ownermag. com , and say, “I want the code!”

When you don’t even know what your business is or should be, or you can’t quite get a handle on how to execute the way you want, I created The Owner’s Path. That helps you better define your mission. It helps you make and score the game you’ll need to accomplish that mission. And it helps you map your actions so that the actions in your day really match your goals.

Sometimes, if even that seems like too big a step, people start out with Brave New Year.

And if you’re stuck at the “I’m just kind of drowning in TIME and I can’t seem to find the time to do what I need to do, that’s Work Like You’re On Vacation.

How Do You Grow Your Business? – The Online Stuff

But maybe you’re already thriving a LITTLE bit, or maybe you’re trying to grow your reach and your influence and your authority online. Then what? What’s the best way to go? (I’m glad you let me pretend that you asked!)

I’ve got a neat little stack of offerings, including one that’s brand new:

Digital Business Mastery – great overview of the whole online/digital space, including your website, email, social stuff, and more.

Love Letters – a deeper dive into email marketing and making value from it (over 70% of my revenue comes from email marketing).

Blogging: The Master Class – content marketing from blogging to beyond, with a lot of great value covered in here.

Social Media Mastery – how to get more out of your use of the social networks and drive all the value back to your business.

So It Depends Where You Are, and What You Need

Maybe you’ve been running a business for a while, and it’s not quite where you want it to be (probably Owner’s Path). Maybe you’ve been trying to get more speaking gigs (probably Digital Business Mastery or maybe Blogging: The Master Class). Maybe you’re thinking about quitting your day job and need to really line up what you’re hoping to accomplish (hmmm, either Digital Business Mastery, if you know it’s an online business), or The Owner’s Path, if you’re looking for better overall clarity.

Or maybe you just want a drip of daily business advice and inspiration. That’s the Owner Mastery Foundation Group.

But it’s up to you to tell ME where you are on your path. I can’t guess. :) Like I said, if you want a code for 50% off any of these courses (at least for the next handful of days), let me know by emailing me: chris @ ownermag . com

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