Happy Canada Day + 4.2 Miles

Happy Canada Day to our northern relatives and friends!

I ran at Salisbury Beach State Reservation, barefoot on a gentle sloping beach as the tides slowly crept back in. There were a dozen breeds of seagull all interested in big sea snails, oysters, and the occasional sand dollar. Little fast-running birds like plovers and others I don’t recognize ran through the tall grasses skirting the dunes. The sun was fat and lazy over the ocean.

I’d arrived after the serious commercial fisherman, around the time the lobstermen and lazy fishermen get started. The surfcasters were already starting, at least the seniors, and there was one sea kayaker getting ready to head out. Whale watch boats wouldn’t come until later, when I’d finished 4.2 miles of running.

I did the following: Ran a mile and a half, walked for one minute, and then sprinted for 30 seconds. I then interspersed 30 seconds of sprinting into 4 minutes of running, walking on the fifth minute. The workout proved wonderful. I felt powerful, felt like I was building strength and endurance, as well as cardiovascular ability. And when the end came, I pretended that I had to reach the cutoff before the end of 40 minutes or I’d be automatically disqualified from the race. This forced me to really boot it for the last 9 minutes, even though I’d just completed a sprint workout over 31 minutes and felt really tired. I was testing my mind and determination, see. And boy did I deliver.

I crossed my imaginary cutoff line with 30 seconds to spare. I’m feeling elated, strong, a little sore, and ready for my 5K this Sunday. This is the next-to-last 5K that I’ll do this year. I’m switching over to longer runs for my races after this. So yes, it was a great morning.


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