Happy Father’s Day

It’s funny how some of my best creative work won’t ever get out into the mainstream public. I spent all night last night editing down my Father’s Day movie for the folks, including podsafe music, all kinds of clips threaded into something approaching storytelling. There were some really fun moments in there.

We had a great day, as my brother’s family, my parents, and my family all gathered for a nice healthy brunch (hear that, people taking the 12 week challenge?) with lots of good fruits, hearty grains, egg beaters (type things), veggie sausage (not so good) and turkey bacon (yum!). We had avocado, grapes, watermelon, and probably some other yummies.

Afterwards, the kids played around for a while, and then my brother and his family hit the road. My DVD finally finished burning, and I was able to release my 20 minute Father’s Day film. It was very pleasing.

Do you make things for yourself or your family that others won’t ever really experience? I don’t do that as much any more. Most of what I do is for internet consumption. Hm.


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