Haven’t Had Time to Blog

People say the strangest things to me.

I met with someone yesterday who said to me that he didn’t have any time to blog. Moments later, he told me what was happening on “Ice Loves Coco.” Earlier in the day, a woman explained that she didn’t really have the time for another social network, and then she explained how she volunteers for six different organizations in her town for various purposes.

I also met with the talented Deirdre Breakenridge, who told me about how strong her business is getting, and what 2012 holds. I met with Jay Baer and heard some of what’s got him occupied, including a huge tour for the book he wrote with Amber Naslund. I spoke with Jason Sprenger, who works for a big company by day, but blogs passionately about the intersection of sports and PR, too.

We Choose Our Own Adventures

We pick our paths. We decide what we make time to do. We choose our own adventures every single day. Each and every day, we have the chance to make choices.

Parents complain that they can’t work when their kids are home, and so I ask about what they do with the few hours the kids are at school, and/or what happens after the kids go to bed? Employees complain that they just don’t want to look at a screen after a long day at work, and so they prefer to take a break and… look at a screen.

We have time to do what we want to do. Tomorrow, I will have time to go to the gym in this hotel, and I will have time to find somewhere good to run. I signed up for CrossFit classes for the next four months, and so I will have time for those. I’m making more time for my kids in and around my business work. I have time to work with Julien Smith on our new book.

I want to do those things, so I will find the time.

What do you not have time to do? My guess? You could answer in the comments with three things you commit to stopping so that you’d find the time you want. What do you think?

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