Heading to CES as Panasonic’s Guest

Greg VerdinoWhen Greg Verdino rings you up and says that Panasonic wants you to come and hang out at CES in Vegas, you think something along these lines: “Panasonic? Hmm. What are they doing these days? Hmm, I bet people are still wondering what’s coming next after the whole ‘Chris Brogan is Satan because he posted sponsored content on Dadomatic’ thing. Well, CES was fun in 2007 when I went with Jeff Pulver, and there are some real cool things to see there. Maybe I’ll bite.”

And then you see who’s going on the same tour with you:

You discount the fact that Verdino’s going, as is Joseph Jaffe (Oh, I’m kidding. They’re both fun to have a beverage with, and I think they’re doing some smart work in the space.)

All in all, it’s a chance to go see some cool stuff, to speak at Jeff Pulver’s Social Media Jungle event (and maybe find some new clients), and that’s good enough.

What Panasonic’s Doing

I’m not sure what they’ve got up their sleeve, but here’s what they say I can do while hanging out there at CES as their guest:

  • Watch some announcements and see what strikes my fancy.
  • Play with their toys, like digital cameras, camcorders, and stuff.
  • Be part of a CES Tweet-Up on Thursday night. (EDITED)
  • And everything else people do at CES.

I’m not obligated to talk about anything specific, but I’m sure that I’ll kick the tires on their toys, as well as other products while I’m out there. CES is all about the gadgets if you haven’t gone, and while I don’t do a lot of gadget reporting directly here at the site, I use all kinds of things to make media. I will look at it from that perspective, and be able to report back on it.

If you’re going to CES in Las Vegas this coming January 8-11, I’ll be there for the above-mentioned, but also to talk with companies about their social media business strategies for 2009. If you want to have a meeting along those lines, drop a line to kathryn@chrisbrogan.com and let’s try and schedule a quick meeting.

If you’re going and just want to hang out, I’ll be there. Easiest way to get to me, probably, is to send a direct message via Twitter. If we’re friends, I’ll give you my cell for texting at the event.

So, let’s see what fun I can stir up with that above-mentioned crew at CES, thanks to Panasonic and Crayon.

Was that enough disclosure?

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