Help Girls in Kenya Get a Fresh Start and a New Home

My friends Rocky and Jeff are looking to create a new home for 34 orphaned girls outside of Nairobi, Kenya (see pictures of the girls here). Rocky is on the board of Mothers Fighting For Others (MFFO), who are head down trying to raise the funds and get their teams in place to take on this important challenge.

I’m asking you to drop $10 or $20 in the pot for this one.

Where The Money Will Go

According to this blog post, the money will go to the girls like this:

Startup Costs:

  • 6 months rent in advance: estimated $12,000 USD.

  • Furnishing the home – furniture, beds, sheets, towels, supplies: estimated 10,000 USD

Operation Costs for one year:

  • Food – roughly $1 per girl, per day: $12,000 USD per year.

  • Utilities: estimated $4000
  • Salaries for six: estimated $12,000 a year
  • Medical and counciling: $4,000
  • Personal items such as toilet paper, soap etc: estimated $2,000 a year
  • Security system for the home: estimated $1,200 a year

They go on to say:

In addition, we will be establishing a new volunteer program, setting up a high speed internet connection to the home and creating a mentoring program for the girls with other women/teenagers her in the US.

You can read the whole post about what they’re doing here.

But for you, I’m asking you to drop in $10 or $20 to get this going. Think about it this way: they need to raise a total of $50K. That means 5,000 of us could pitch in $10 and have it all done in no time at all. About 50,000 people subscribe to this blog daily, so I’m asking 1 in 10 of you to donate $10. This should be handled in a few hours, right?

Or it will be if you give *AND* share the post. And remember, all ChipIn widgets are copy-able. You can put it on your site, in your post, and the money will still go to the cause and everyone will still be successful.

You ready?

Want to see another way that people are pitching in? Look at 50Kfor50K. This will all support the same project, so if you’d rather pay $20 to shut Maya up, be my guest. : )

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