From Boston To New York – A Supply Run

With my love, @jcqly My girlfriend, Jacqueline Carly, is going to make a truck run from Boston (well, Cambridge) down to NYC to deliver some goods, and to do that, I’m asking for Boston area people’s help.

Can you meet up with me Monday afternoon at 3PM ET at the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge to drop off whatever you can spare on the list below? Then, Jacq will take down a truck stuffed to the gills and deliver it to people there.

If we get more than we can haul in her truck (and I really hope that we do), I’m already trying to find a way to get a delivery company to help us get the rest of it sent down that way. (Know anyone?)

I’ll be bringing a bunch of signed copies of my new books (and a few of my older books) as gifts of thanks (first come, first serve), but no matter what, please come if you can.

Monday: 3PM
Where: Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge, MA
What: see this list

*Granola / energy / Cereal Bars
*Fruit snacks / Fruit rollups
*Pop Tarts
any ready to eat food that does not require heating or a can opener

*Flashlights w batteries
*First aid
*Ziploc bags of all sizes
*Hand sanitizer and antibac wipes
*Paper towels
*Toothpaste / Toothbrushes
*Baby Wipes
*Baby food
*Work Gloves
*Garbage Bags
*Cleaning Solution


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