Hold No Ground Solid

It’s so easy to get set in our thinking. I spent 2013 working hard on creating courses, and paid a little less attention to my media efforts. I’ve also started work on some rebranding efforts. All of it gives you and I a lot to think about.2013-07-18 10.21.35

What In Your Plans Are You Holding As Solid?

For all of 2013, most of my business has come from offering courses to help people grow their businesses. Some are about blogging. Others are about productivity. Others are about building out a better digital channel for marketing and business-making. Zero are about “social media.” Most people still think of me as a “social media” guy, which is irksome, but whatever. It’s a label others can’t seem to shake from me.

But even as that was bugging me, I realized that I was focused almost entirely on my course work and also my newsletter, but hadn’t really paid as much attention to the media property that got me here in the first place. My sharing posts and ideas with you that help YOU grow is what earned your attention in the first place, and because I was working so hard on the courses, I really wasn’t giving that as much thought and not nearly the attention it deserved.

I was holding my courses as “solid ground” and was letting my future be decided based on that always being so. Meanwhile, my media efforts are every bit as important (maybe more so), and as such, I’m on track to release something really good in August and put a lot of effort into some next steps on helping build your future business curriculum so I can help you succeed even more.

What are YOU holding as solid right now?

What Would Happen If Something Solid Went Away?

I think about this question more and more, but do you? I once consulted with a celebrity who had a real problem. His telemarketing business was pretty much drying up, and that was his primary (almost only) sales channel. He needed to develop his digital channel but hadn’t put any effort in that direction. Further, he didn’t have the first clue how to ramp it up, and because revenue was suddenly plummeting fast, he needed results that weren’t realistic to the medium.

What’s your primary business-gaining method? What would happen if that went away? What’s your primary revenue-generator? What would happen if that went away?

That’s a really tricky question to deal with, but it might also help you be in a better position to work smarter. If you act as if the best and most “solid” elements of your business might go away or be rendered useless to you, how would you change? What would have to happen? Does this information help you better consider your strategy?

Would love your take.

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