Holiday Buying Guide

Other sites do a shopping guide for the holidays. I figured, “why not me?” What follows are links to things I think might be worth buying this upcoming holiday season for that someone special (you?) in your life. Please note that some of these links are to Amazon affiliate thingies, and if you buy tons of things, I get 81 cents or something. However, they’re just for convenience of linking. Buy local, if you can.

For the Charitable

  • Give One, Get One– This is the One Laptop Per Child project’s promotion (11 days left as of Nov 16th), where when you pay $399 USD, you get two laptops: one for a child in a developing world, and another you can keep or give to the child in your life. The laptop is tax deductible, and you can get free T-Mobile Hotspot coverage for it for a year. It pays for itself, in other words, and you do something cool with it.
  • A Kiva Account– Become a micro-lender and change someone’s life. Can you imagine that $30 USD is enough to start a business in several countries? Imagine buying a few Kiva accounts in other people’s names.


Here’s an assortment of books I’ve read recently that would appeal to the social media or business person in your life:


I’ll Do It Myself is written by superstar Glenda Watson Hyatt. Glenda has one good thumb to type with and she makes the most of it. I met Glenda at Blog World Expo in Las Vegas and think she’s a superstar. Buy one of her self-published books about her story, and I promise you’ll have a hard time making excuses for yourself in the future.

Allan Cox’s book will teach you a very simple set of tools with profound changes. Imagine having the same training that a high paid coach to CEOs gives to his clients. Cox tells stories that illustrate every point, sharing the inside struggles of several CEOs that found their way to a new path through his efforts.

Larry Weber (of Weber Shandwick fame) gives us insights into how social media tools might grow marketing programs, share information, and drive attention and awareness. This book makes a great gift to a boss that you want to convince about the value of social media.

David Maister (who spoke at PodCamp Boston2) brings us an AMAZING book about the things we don’t do and how we might go about doing them. This book works great for someone looking to improve their lot in life. Maister has years of leadership and management skill, and several books published to his name. Another cool fact about this particular book: he self-published this, after several mainstream successes. Why? Ask why Radiohead did what they did. Madonna. Nine Inch Nails. Maister knows his audience, and wants to touch them directly.

Thought leader David Meerman Scott (who came to PodCamp Boston2) gives us a great book to pass to the PR/Marketing professional in your life. (Maybe I should get one for Sarah Wurrey or Doug Haslam or Amanda Gravel?) It’s a great read for people who have been trained in PR and Marketing, and who want to see what comes next. I found this book a great read.

News and journalism types, this book is for you. This book is FAT with juicy ideas about what happens when mainstream media prints a mistake, and how little goes into turning the aftermath around. Craig Silverman writes with lots of good information, but in a style that made me feel like I was watching something on the History Channel mixed with in-depth analysis. A top shelf book for the Jeff Jarvis’s in your life.

Make Media

This flip cam is really cool for ONE reason only. It’s super stupid easy to get from the camera to YouTube in a few quick steps. I love this camera for its ease of use. It’s not the BEST camera, but it’s so easy. You can make easy movies with no effort. That’s why they call it the “soccer mom cam.” Love it.

For those with a little more need:

This is the camera of choice (or this family of cams) among my friends right now. Greg Cangialosi from Blue Sky Factory, and Christopher S. Penn both use these rigs (or similar). One note for videobloggers: Turning this thing on yourself and trying to see yourself in the monitor means turning the microphone away from you (hope they fix this).


Want to try something cool? Amazon Unboxed is where you can download movies outside the iTunes store, and they have access to tons of neat titles. Why not try downloading and watching your movie instead of buying it at the store?

What’s on YOUR holiday shopping list? What are YOU thinking about?

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