How Did Personal Video Eclipse Entertainment Video

I’m speaking at ITEC Los Angeles on how social media impacts business. The next day, I’ll speak at Streaming Media West in San Jose on the power of personal media. In 2007, this was my life. I spent many hours a day with Jeff Pulver thinking about how the broadband Internet would disrupt mainstream TV, broadcasting, and entertainment. To my mind, it hasn’t.

The mainstream stormed over the bulwarks and now owns the top of the iTunes video charts. Though a few examples of top shelf independent video exist, like Epic Fu and Something to be Desired, and a few others exist, it’s not like we took over the airwaves. In fact, they took us over.

BUT personal media, making conversations using internet video, seems to be on the rise. With tools like Seesmic and ooVoo and Skype Video, there are lots of ways to have conversations between interested people. This could be business. It might be church. What do YOU know about it? Some quick thoughts to start the conversation.

How Did Personal Video Eclipse Entertainment VideoThinking about personal video and how it seems to have taken over enteraintment-style video.

What happened? Are you involved in Internet video? Do you use,, Mogulus, or any of the other video platforms out there? How do you incorporate it into your media making?

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