How Different Media Reaches Us Differently

Harold as Zoolander Violette as Little Red Riding Hood

This morning, I felt like taking a walk. So, I grabbed my iPhone, to use it like an iPod, but ended up taking pictures along the way. I snapped all kinds of shots of my beautiful small town in New England, because it’s autumn, and the leaves are changing, and this is the prime time to show why people live their lives in New England (never mind that this lasts only 2 weeks usually).

I decided to share these photos on Twitter using Twitpic, which is integrated into Twitterific on the iPhone, but is easy enough to use on smartphones that have email capabilities and cameras. So, as I walked along, I’d snap a photo and write a quick blurb about it:

Morning Walk in New EnglandMorning Walk- Downtown

One interesting point: someone that I’d been “courting” lately, with comments and other touches to try to get “top of mind” for a moment dropped me a reply in twitter to the pictures. Never once to a blog post. Never to a comment on that person’s blog. But instead, this person responded to a photo of my beautiful New England town.

Think hard about that fact. Reaching people isn’t a linear business. Connecting isn’t a single effort. It’s a web of effort.

When wondering why your efforts aren’t having enough impact, think about this point: could you try a more multi-faceted approach? Are there other means to connect than the ways you’ve already tried? What else might you find in common with someone?

Home Next door neighbor

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