How Does This Share

share this An important question to start asking yourself is, “how does this share?” The way these tools work best is when we can share easily. Is what you’re doing something easy to share? Have you given your ideas handles so that others can easily move it down the line? Are you equipping your information for a chance to get out there and be spread around, by using the tools that give those ideas wings?

Note at the bottom of every post on this site that there are two options. One is the Share This plug-in:

ShareThis plugin

Note also that there’s a Retweet button for Twitter.

retweet button

And that in the upper right hand corner of the blog, there are two ways to subscribe to the blog.

subscribe to the blog

There are other ways to share. Facebook has a really powerful share feature built in.

Sharing button on Facebook

Further, we talked about this with regards to Twitter when I showed you how to get more retweet action, too.

One of nine questions I came up with recently in thinking on how to help my clients with the team at New Marketing Labs, is simply this: “How does this share?” If I can answer that for my clients, I can bring them more results.

Have you built that into the projects you’re working on? How do you add more sharing to your projects?

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