How Not to Market on Twitter

Don’t do this. Just don’t. Okay? That’s not marketing. It’s not personal. It leads to no good.

Be a lot smarter. Be a lot more human. Please use these tools to humanize the web, not robotize my feed.

**Update: Nova Spivack, founder of Twine, did a great job of coming on to Twitter and engaging me and explaining his perspective on the feature. (Yep, not a campaign, but a feature). I stated my case about it not being very helpful, and it looks like they’re going to update the process.

Nova’s a good egg. I’m glad he came out and chatted.

That alllllllllllll said, please don’t make your apps DM me. None of us. Okay?

And look how fast balance is restored, as such:

This is the speed of marketing and business communications. Not days. Not usually even hours. This is going to be tricky. You think?

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