How Often Do You Promote Others

glenda and chris My favorite bloggers aren’t who you might expect. I love Glenda Watson Hyatt. I love Jon Swanson. I love Marti Lawrence. I think Ann Handley and Shannon Paul are excellent reads, too.

None of these bloggers are on your typical Top 10, but they’re people I read nonstop. I want YOU to read them, too. Not all of them will be your cup of tea, maybe. But they’re voices that deserve more attention than the stuff I write on a given day.

In our space, in the fishbowl business, it seems like there are a scant few people getting all the links and the references. We point to the folks on top of the charts all the time, and riff off their ideas.

Wouldn’t it be more cool if we found the less-known? Wouldn’t it be better if we collected some of our favorites into “starter packs” of interesting content we should be reading/watching/listening to?

And furthermore, even amongst the bigger names, how often are you sharing the good stuff other people are doing? I’ll tell you who’s on top of the heap who shares a lot: Robert Scoble. He points me to new stuff all the time, both on his blog, but very much in his Google Reader Shared Items.

So, my question to you: are you sharing and promoting others enough? Can you do it more? How can you bring more awareness of the people who deserve it?

Photo credit (stolen without permission) Glenda Watson Hyatt

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