How Quora COULD Get Interesting

Swirling a Mystery

I think I finally understand Quora, the social question and answer site. The part I understand is the appeal to users. Essentially, it’s a site where you browse around for questions you think you can answer, and/or you view interesting answers.

That last part was what hooked me. I stumbled into answers by AOL’s former co-founder and CEO, Steve Case. Holy cats. All kinds of people had asked really hard questions of Steve, and he took the time to answer them, and now me, just stumbling into it, had all kinds of amazing information about the heyday, the decline, and everything in between, about AOL.

So, what would make this site amazing and interesting? Participation from more amazing and interesting people would make it stellar. But how you define “amazing” and “interesting” is left up to you. For instance, it’d be great to interview a hundred 90-year-olds about the way things used to be. It’d be interesting to interview old radio pioneers about how things were back in the boom. And it’d be thrilling to get “collections” of these interviews together for easy consumption.

Yep, I think it’s interesting. Not sure how much time I can give to it, but I’ll be fussing around in Quora a little bit longer before I write it off.

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