How to Think Of Blog Posts

blank paper The secret to blogging every day is a blend of three things: discipline, practice, and ideas. That last part is usually what I find people asking me for help with, so let’s talk about that today. Ideas don’t just grow on trees. But, you do have to harvest ideas the way you’d pick apples. Why? Because they’re everywhere. Here are some of the ways I find ideas.

How to Think of Blog Posts

  1. Answer questions. You get emails with people asking you for your thoughts on X. Write the post instead of just replying to the email.
  2. Take pictures. I see strange things out and about. When I snap them with my cameraphone, I have a post waiting to happen, when I think about how that thing applies to the people I write for.
  3. Read blogs way outside the scope of what you write about. I use Alltop to find topics far outside of my blog’s topic. Amazing what I learn about from fishing blogs.
  4. Think about what’s next and work backward.
  5. Mash two ideas together and explain them in your own words.
  6. Write about ways to improve your industry or space.
  7. Write speeches that you’ve yet to give on a stage (see also: How to Start Speaking At Events).
  8. Rant. Yes, I’m afraid that good old rants and complaints are still a powerful anchor tenant of most blogs. Know who rocks this well? Justin Kownacki.
  9. Point out people doing the good stuff. That’s what I prefer to do instead.

Those are just some ways. How do YOU think up blog posts? Where do you get your ideas?

photo credit, Kristian D

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